What People Said

Here are just some of the comments made by the media and its readers about Lynne Reynolds during her last term of Council:

“Full credit to Councillor Lynne Reynolds: it would seem that the tail, indeed, is attempting to wag the dog at City Hall.”

“In classic bully style, he huffed and he puffed and he attempted to blow away his opposition….apparently hoping to intimidate Councillor Lynne Reynolds. Reynolds had dared to criticize the mayor and some city managers for the clandestine culture at Tom Davies Square.”

“We applaud and accept mayoral candidate Lynne Reynolds’ challenge to the women of Greater Sudbury to make our city ‘the most democratic in Ontario’ on November 13.”

“Reynolds firmly established herself on council with a feisty attitude that openly questioned some of the practices at Tom Davies Square. She has shown that she is smart, tough and compassionate.”

“Reynolds has been the most eloquent in outlining what needs to be done in the city.”

“She’s not part of the boy’s club. She brings honesty, integrity, enthusiasm, vision and is proactive, a forward thinker.”

“Reynolds Is Willing To Speak her Mind.”

“She’s certainly not afraid of taking on jobs and going forward.”

“Reynolds understands about making Greater Sudbury work towards our strengths. Reynolds has shown that she has the skills, the plan and the experience to lead our city into the future.”

“Lynne Reynolds is encouraging women to ‘rock the vote’ this election. Women in our community make up 52% of our region’s population.”

“At least we know who cares about our money.”

“As Councillor Lynne Reynolds put it during the debate on this issue: ‘we should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time’.”

“Councillor Reynolds brings fresh ideas, professionalism and renewed respect and confidence to city council. I applaud Councillor Reynolds for standing up and voicing concerns by many of us.”

“At long last, Sudbury has a councillor who is not afraid to speak up and be heard. Lynne Reynolds, you go girl.”

“I want to congratulate Ward 6 Councillor Lynne Reynolds for coming out and letting the people of Greater Sudbury know what really went on regarding a recount in the last election. We have a councillor who is not afraid to ask about how $50,000 was spent instead of giving a recount which would have cost $20,000.”

“Councillor Lynne Reynolds said in her statement to council ‘that the taxpayers of the city of Greater Sudbury deserve the absolute and utmost in transparency, responsibility and accountability’. Transparency and accountability are cornerstones upon which a healthy democracy is built.”

“My congratulations to Ward 6 Councillor Lynne Reynolds. Her comments to the mayor and council took a lot of courage. Well done!”

“About the 18.5% raise approved for CAO – When councillors did not address this issue raised by Reynolds, they left taxpayers bewildered and wondering what is going on at city hall.”

“Reynolds refused to vote on the motion, protesting that the exclusion of some councillors from behind-the-scenes city business ‘is really getting out of hand here’.”

“The only one I hear honesty from is Lynne Reynolds.”

“It is always gratifying when committed citizens like yourself put themselves forward to serve the best interests of the community.”

“Thumbs up! Ward 6 Councillor Lynne Reynolds has pulled together 30 organizers and numerous sponsoring businesses to make sure something is planned every weekend…important first steps in bringing skiing back to the hill.”

“Councillor Reynolds made our list of Newsmakers because she is rocking the boat, making waves and stirring the pot at city hall. Our job reporting the news would be very boring without people like Reynolds who question the status quo.”


Councillor Ward 11

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