Where I stand

Here’s where I stand on the issues:

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Smart economic development that will create jobs, in our ward and throughout the city

SLUSH FUNDS: Immediate elimination of the Councillors’ slush funds

AUDITOR GENERAL: A permanent Auditor- General office to spot waste and inefficiencies

OMBUDSMAN: Bring back the free services of the Ontario Ombudsman’s Office

BUDGET PROCESS: A new and better budget process controlled by council

ACCOUNTABILITY: “no-excuse” accountability by everyone at City Hall, including me!

TRANSPARENCY: no more behind-the-doors decision-making

SERVICE STANDARDS: standards for excellence in all we do

COMMUNITY BUILDING for children, seniors, the homeless and the disenfranchised

COMMON SENSE and innovative problem-solving and decision-making

GOOD GOVERNANCE: professional and business-like conduct and respect for fellow councillors and our Mayor to ensure smooth governance

It’s my commitment to you!


 Lynne is looking forward to representing the citizens of
Ward 11 and to addressing the issues that concern them. She is a community builder who worked with the private sector and the federal government to bring the citizens of Ward 11  the popular skateboard park, the Ramsey Lake Bike path, the Adanac ski hill, the Flour Mill splash park and the Minnow Lake Fountain, just to name a few. She believes that Sudbury should not just be a place to live….but the BEST place to live.

At the City table, Lynne believes in a common sense, no-frills approach to the way our city is run. That means fiscal control, a standard of excellence when it comes to the basic municipal services that citizens expect from their city, community building and the creation of an attractive and affordable city.

As an experienced businessperson, Lynne will focus on the economic vitality of our city. She believes in smart economic development that creates real jobs, and adds to our tax base, to keep tax increases low, all the while adding to the attractiveness and livability of our city.

She will ensure that we get best value for our tax dollars, that our standard of service to our residents is an excellent one.

She wants to re-inspire our citizens to become involved in their communities, wherever they live in our great city to ensure quality of life for all.

Lynne has the extensive business experience to be proactive when it comes to the attraction of new business opportunities for our city and she will focus her efforts and those of staff on this important goal to ensure that new businesses and professionals come to Sudbury to share our tax burden and to help grow our city.

Lynne believes, too, that pride in our city must be restored through the excellent maintenance, beautification and enhancement of what we already have to offer our citizens and our visitors, as well as professional and respectful conduct at the Council table.

Lynne wants to encourage excellence in all we do, from the maintenance and design of our infrastructure, including roads, to property standards and our waterfronts.

“We need to aspire to greatness, put aside the mediocrity and the status quo approach. We need to stop talking and start doing, to collectively roll up our sleeves and get to the work of building the city we have always wanted. It’s achievable….I have no doubts.”

(Let us Build)
Motto of the City of Greater Sudbury


Councillor Ward 11

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